All Work and No Play.

We go clueless if we have to talk about work and play in the same breath. The off-days are either spent resting or with friends and family, hanging out or in the comforts of one’s home. Playing or any amount of physical activities is often thought of as tiresome, fatigue-inducing and unachievable. In their mid-twenties, when people start earning and going to office, a trend of discontinuing and negating all physical exercise from their routine starts cultivating, albeit rather compulsively.

Experts have said that the secret to great work is great play, and that the latter boosts creativity. It’s an important part of anyone’s life to nurture happiness and the lack of it often results in depression and anxiety. There comes a time in everybody’s life when they realise the importance of balancing their work and their play. No matter what you have taken into, going out, breathing fresh air and spending an hour at play is extremely important. Let’s see how making time for both work and play in the lives of today’s generation too busy can be helpful:

The Three R’s: Rest, Recreation and Relaxation – these three words alone can shape up your leisure life. When prioritising your tasks, allot time to these three activities and think of how you’d be working towards them. The three R’s will be responsible in restoring positivity, getting balance and helping refresh your lives.

Connect, Share, Learn: When in office, start a weekend play session at a place convenient to everyone and encourage everyone to join in. Choose a game, follow up, get together and play. The people who you are spending maximum hours of the day with are the best people you can share joy, happiness and fun with.

Keeps Emotions in Check: One of the better advantages of playing is that it puts you in a challenging situation and leaves you wondering, often thinking on your feet, about how to get out of it. People learn how to handle emotions like fear, anger, resentment, negativity. You might not realise the importance of that while you are playing, but it will certainly reflect at the time of decision-making during emotion-provoking situations. It will come naturally to you. So, make it a daily practice and consider it as important as your work.

Many A Option: It is not just physical activity or exercise that constitute “play”. It is much more. It can be dancing, aerobics, gymnastics, playing any sport, running, cycling, playing indoors at work, gym-work-out, etc. Anything that can improve your social skills, make you happy, teach you perseverance, foster creativity and learning, teach you the joy of watching others play, etc. So, find one such activity and start playing today.

Now that you have gone through the significance of a balanced life, let us know what you think about it in the comments section.


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