Quit Distraction.

We all put in the hours at work, but have we reviewed our output? Do we produce enough value to justify the hours we spend? We would be surprised by the results of our personal work audit. We cannot stop interruptions, but we can practice ways to get back to doing the important things that we have set out to accomplish in the day.

Let us study tips that can help us stay focused and make the most of our day:

A Healthy Breakfast: Eating a breakfast full with nutrients can have a positive effect and help improve your concentration. Do not skip it!

Log Out from Social Sites: Experts suggest that most of our distractions stem our overexposure to e-mails, chats, phones or networking sites. So, when you are attending to the most important tasks of the day, simply work offline. Turn off your Internet obsession momentarily. And putting your phone on silent, too, will work a tad better for your attentiveness.

Take Occasional Breaks: Give your brain time to breathe and help get the composure back. Staying late or working through the day, skipping meals and breaks might not be a good idea when you need to be super-productive. Do not pressurise yourself and avoid absorbing too much of information in one go. It never helps! Take short breaks to refresh your mind and body.

Caffeine Does the Trick: Chewing a gum or sipping tea or coffee is a good way to keep up the alertness. Try it and see the difference!

You can use distractions as a reward for accomplishing a certain task. Come online during these little breaks and complete whatever pending work you have.

Quit Distraction and Stay Focused!


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Kulvinder January 22, 2014 at 11:38 am

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.
― Walt Whitman

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