Who Will Design Your Restaurant

To design and set up your restaurant you will require an interior designer, an architect, a contractor and access to good suppliers of restaurant furniture and kitchen equipment. You may explore giving it to somebody to do on a turnkey basis, but it pays to be involved for all major decisions.

Walk through your restaurant space with the designer. Let him know your vision and budget and review all proposed designs through sketches. Today, 3D visualisation software can help you get a good idea of how a proposed design would look like.

I would be to your benefit if you were to work with experts who have prior experience of designing successful restaurants. Design Atelier is a national architecture and design form that, among other things, specialises in creating distinctive spaces in the hospitality sector. They are known for designing the Barista Coffee Bars (nationally), TGI Friday’s Restaurant (Bangalore, Gurgaon), McDonald’s (Northern India), etc. The experience firm like Atelier will help ensure that you do not go wrong on functionality issues while interpreting your design concept faithfully through a participatory visioning process. Today, restaurant design has become a sub-discipline and you explore a number of firms to find out if these meet your budget and fit your mindset.

While today architects lead most of the design firms, strictly speaking, they deal with the major structural issues. He works with carpenters, electricians and plumbers (subcontractors) and keeps them on schedule and monitors their work. A range of suppliers will be needed to provide furniture, fixtures and equipment. The designer and you should work through all aspects to ensure that the integrity of the design concept is maintained throughout.

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