Understanding a Restaurant.

As an ordinary customer the impression we have of the restaurant business is made up of a few scattered images based on our experience as customers. A successful restaurant is one that is consistent in all that it does. If we intend to start our own restaurant, we need to understand what makes a restaurant in greater detail, so we can design for consistency across all aspects of its operation. There are two aspects of a restaurant, these are food production and service; to this we should add a third aspect: the theme.

While the quality of the food and drink you present to your customer and the polite efficiency of your service must be superior by default, the differentiator in your restaurant is the theme around which you design both. It is the theme that will determine the overall experience and will eventually help customers rate your restaurant above your competition. Places that make your customers happier and more fulfilled are those that have the greatest positive impact.

Food and Beverage Production: Food and beverage production lies at the core of the restaurant business. Culinary excellence, thus, is the default function and has to be the top priority in restaurants. While all the three are interconnected, special attention should be paid to the freshness of the raw material used, hygiene and ultimately the taste of the food. Never use food supplies that are past their expiry. Ensure that all food served is freshly made and not stale. Washing hands before and after handling the food is another consideration, while food items as meat and poultry must be cooked to the correct internal temperature.

Food and Beverage Service: The level of service depends on the type of restaurant that you want to start. Having said that, there is a minimum standard of politeness and service that customers across all categories expect from the staff members. The service should be perfect! The basic elements of service are: speed, accuracy and politeness. Speed of service is default. An allied attribute to speed is accuracy, and regardless of the category of restaurant all customer dealing requires basic politeness.

Theme: As mentioned above, high quality in the production and service of food and beverage is the default need of the day. No restaurant venture will be successful without this. However, to build the differentiator that will ensure growth and brand building, special attention has to be made on creating a theme for your restaurant that will make a unique experience for your customer. The theme needs to match the type of restaurant you will be starting. While designing the theme, you need to keep in mind three elements: concept, uniqueness and consistency.


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