Take it Easy

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Take it Easy.

Take it Easy.

Stressed-out much? Relax. Nobody can live their life without stress. Stress comes naturally as a mental response to problems we face on a daily basis. With the problems there comes the stress and without them, well, there’s no life. But it is not to imply that you cannot avoid or minimise stress in your life. How else would you make your life happier, healthier and more productive? Modern-day pundits suggest that living in the moment, being present in every moment can help reduce stress, while the realists, boasting of the science behind it all blame its occurrence to the lack of sleep. The reasons of its existence in our lives, therefore, range from being scientific to being spiritual.

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Quit Complexity!

Quit Complexity.

Often we find ourselves rushing through life. One thing leads to another, and we keep moving on with a rush that is second to none. We make our lives complex, filling it with things that make us feel almost claustrophobic, yearning to be free, but not able to get free. The rush and the madness of swinging from one task to another, finished or unfinished, leaves us with no time to reflect and review – what have we accomplished?

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