Quit Complexity.

Often we find ourselves rushing through life. One thing leads to another, and we keep moving on with a rush that is second to none. We make our lives complex, filling it with things that make us feel almost claustrophobic, yearning to be free, but not able to get free. The rush and the madness of swinging from one task to another, finished or unfinished, leaves us with no time to reflect and review – what have we accomplished?

It is important that we stop and reflect, and be able to see what we have done and how we have done. We need to quit complexity and embrace simplicity. Keeping things simple will help us concentrate on all our tasks efficiently, it will also help us be content. Read on…

Have a Plan: Make a list of the top most priorities in your life and assign the time you want to spend on each. Take up the tasks that fall on you in terms of the priority and the plan.

One-Thing-At-A-Time: Though with the corporate culture impacting our lives so completely, multi-tasking has become the norm. But if you concentrate fully on one task instead of three, you will do it well.

Take Time to Think: Don’t just rush into things. Spend sometime thinking what you have to do and how best to do it.

Quit Complexity! Keep it Simple!

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