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Although breaking from work for a significant time period can make you feel refreshed, it is daunting to join back with the same motivation and excitement. It is a common notion that a break helps put things into perspective, but it is far from reality. The longer the duration of staying away from work, the more difficult it gets to resume. The worst part is that the pending assignments that need immediate attention are pushed into further delay. It gets even worse when one is looking for a new job.

The reasons for taking a sabbatical from work could be many, like wanting time to recover from an illness, taking a break after having worked for a number of years, changing jobs, maternity leave, contemplating a change in the industry, getting married or settling down, or simply taking a break from work for the sake of it. Once you decide to work again, you will be asked a number of questions during the interviews: Why did you decide to take a break from work? What took you so long to decide to join back? What did you do while on a sabbatical? Are you sure you will be able to deliver and take on the pressures involved in the job work?

If you join back the company you were working for before deciding to take a break, things will be as difficult. You will have lost touch with the right people in the company. You may not realise it, but with a little bit of exploring, you can ease out the nervous anticipation and start like you had never left. Take up a part-time option before taking up a full-fledged job. It does not necessarily have to involve going from one place to another. You can work sitting indoors, by exploring an opportunity to work online. If you are a fresher with some experience, you have options like marketing, business and content development, HR, teaching, marketing communication, etc.

You should keep in mind that all of this may not guarantee recruitment, let alone starting a level lower than where you had left. The employers would always want to hire people who have on-job experience than the ones who don’t. These days many people are taking the franchise route too. It is a good option considering the initial hand-holding the franchisors provide, aside from lowering the risk involved owing to successful business models. The only dampener could be the initial investment that one is required to make. So, weigh these options carefully before taking on the mantle of starting work after an extended break. All the best!



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