Quit Doubt.

Self-confidence comes when you conquer doubt. When we know we are right, even when others criticise us, and we listen to our self, we are demonstrating confidence. Let us explain the steps that build confidence:

Insecurities, What’re Those?: There are incidents which have made you feel inferior and insecure, and have bogged you down to the level of no return. It could be anything, right from a past sour experience to getting bullied, to feeling physically inferior to someone, to feeling not-so-worthy – the first thing you should do is to identify what these are and become aware of their existence in your life. Half the battle is won if you are simply aware of them.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: You would find many of your friends and folks at home saying to you, “Hey! Don’t you worry, be happy! We are with you.” Acknowledge. You need their support. Talk about your doubts and insecurities to them. Think about these issues, fight with them internally, practice persistence until you are able to resolve them in the mind. Think whether these are relevant issues that need any pondering over. And if you cannot get rid of these thoughts, stay with them, live with them, fully accept them to be part of your life, gracefully.

Know What You are Good At: Having noted the things that pull us down, we need to also list the things that push us up. Put yourself in a position where the positives can be leveraged. Ponder upon your strengths. Count them. Write them down. Do a SWOT analysis. Know your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is as much important to enjoy the activity of coming face-to-face with them as it is to realise them.

Project the Positive: The way you see yourself is the way others perceive you. Project the positive. It is not as same as wanting to control perception and the view of others, which might be beyond your control, but it is to be resilient and to stretch your ambition.

Beyond a point, doubt will paralyze you. It will rob you of energy and slow you down. Doubt robs you of self-belief and self-confidence. Take charge of the queries raised by doubt, clarify them and quit doubt.

Quit Doubt! Move Forward with Confidence!


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