Commitment Is Wonderful.

Do you ask yourself this question: What am I actually committed to in life? Looking out for its answer isn’t as simple a task as it seems to be. Take yourself back in the day when you achieved any goal, such as shedding your weight, sticking to a high-priority project deadline, finishing a book, editing a manuscript, finding a suitable profession for yourself, cracking an interview you’d prepared for. . .so on and so forth. You can recount many such stories and reminisce being joyous about achieving a certain goal you’d set for yourself. When you commit yourself to something in life, not only it is an indication about how seriously willing you are to actualise your dreams and aspirations, but also reflects on your idea of personal growth.

But it is far from being easy yet never impossible. When you do not see an end to something, you often get overwhelmed by the obstacles involved. And then you calculate its worthiness before committing yourself to it. You will find yourself less committed to one thing and more towards some other, the degree keeps changing. In other words, you will find some tasks unimportant and not motivating enough. The lack of motivation often results into becoming non-committal towards any goal. Let’s see how to eliminate that feeling to be more committed to your goals:

Are You Really Committed? Ask yourself if you are really committed to a particular task. Do you have a clear sight and purpose behind pursuing it? If you answer in the affirmative, you should start acting on it. The faster you act, the better it is. Don’t wait for the perfect time, go ahead with your decision, do away with the uncertainties and stop making excuses.

Lose Something To Achieve Something: Always remember this principle. In order to stay committed in something, you must be willing to let go of a lot of unimportant, lesser important activities. Move out of your comfort zone and accept the principle of sacrificing for greater good.

Is Purpose Driving You? You need to understand that in order to be fully committed to a particular task, you should realise its purpose. If you are committed towards anything without purpose, chances are you wouldn’t be able to justify your actions. Having a purpose is like having a passion to reach where you want to, without fearing the challenges and worrying about consequences.

Is There Any Progress: By that we mean keeping a tab on your progress. Until you know how much distance have you covered, how will you reflect on all the work you have accomplished so far? Keep a check. Keep moving on!

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Juhi Jain March 13, 2014 at 10:54 am

Commitment is wonderful is really wonderful . It is a truth that we should be commited towards what we want to achieve . I really like this post .

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