Avoid Being Lazy.

What’s the point of going to work every day when you pass your work-time reading random articles online or checking out your friend’s vacation pictures on the Facebook or other social networking sites? While being lazy is an unhealthy way to live life, it is fatal for your professional growth. A lot of times we get overwhelmed with the work load and make ourselves an excuse to not work at all. If you are facing a similar dilemma, try dividing your work in smaller, doable chunks. You will be surprised at your newly-found confidence to complete the tasks in time.

Overcoming laziness does not only entail sleeping well or completing the customary “8-hour-sleep”. A simple practice like being organised and keeping your work space uncluttered can help you avoid laziness at work. Lethargy by definition is physical or mental inertness and therefore can have physical or mental causes. Always pull your weight at work and try to resolve physical inertness by taking nutritious diets, exercising and sleeping well. On the other hand, get going with smaller tasks and trick your brain into being productive to take care of mental inertness. Let us read some basic techniques to fight laziness.

Are You Simply Tired? Find out if you are tired or if the cause lies in the way you think. If it is former, relax yourself. Give yourself some time and relax. If you are disturbed by anything around you, find out what it is and why it is making you uninspired and de-motivated. Work on it by working on your senses: sights (vacation), sounds (music), taste (food), etc.

Organising Self is Key: When your room, car, office space or even the office washroom is dirty, it can affect your thought process. Organise, mend and clean up the spaces you frequent and get the balance back.

Goal Up: Goal up your life, or, in other words, set some achievable targets and tasks and achieve them. Prioritise everything and utilise your skill-set and talent in achieving the goals that inspire you. Anything from rising up early, to exercising, to planning a vacation, to initiate the dreadful task at work. . .jot everything down in your journal and read it upon waking up every day.

Exercise, Dress Up, Get Started: Get your blood flowing by exercising every morning; wear that dress you always wanted to but never had the confidence to; feel lively and do some pep-up talk to self; eat healthy and take all the required nutrients; be practical and don’t think too much about what is to come; live in the moment, compliment and reward yourself at achieving your daily goals. Get started today!


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