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Write with Us! Write with Quitters!

We are thrilled to invite you to consider writing for Quitters.in/blog.

If you have a good article theme, kindly write in to us at abbey.franchiseindia@gmail.com with your article title in the subject line and attach links to your previously published articles, if any.

Some Guidelines to Follow:

  1. Write original content
  2. Less is more: provide loads of information in as few words as possible (minimum 250 words)
  3. Go through Quitters.in/blog: to see if we have covered the topic you are writing on already
  4. Keep it meaningful, tight and interesting
  5. Use catchy titles and headlines/sub-heads, etc
  6. Suggest important and simple keywords

You could write on any topic as long as it makes for an interesting read. For example: inspirational and motivational stories of people who have made it big, difficulties they might have faced (clich├ęd? Add an interesting angle to it!), your own story if it can inspire people, office-related topics, on entrepreneurs, social networking, and encouraging, everyday, socially-relevant posts.)


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