Work Without Ego

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Work Without Any Ego

Ego at work needs to be handled. In a challenging and competitive environment, egos will certainly clash. It could either be your employer’s ego or of somebody reporting in to you or even yours. Flaring tempers at work can impact the quality of work life, resulting into unnecessary stress and uncomfortable situations. You need to keep egos at bay to nurture a better work environment. Detach yourself from your ego or find ways to cope with challenges without your ego getting in the way.

Be a Good Team Player: When working on something that requires contribution from various departments in office, your focus should be on completing the project successfully. Don’t force upon others in the team your superiority or the disillusioned fact that no one can be right except you. Develop a tolerance level and learn to see beyond yourself. When working in a team, work like a team player and let go of your ego.

Give Colleagues a Confidence Boost: How many of you have been able to get your work done without scolding and shouting? Try giving people a confidence boost. When dealing with a person with ego problems, make him feel important by asking for suggestions and seeing how best they can be accommodated. By doing this you are not only making him feel in complete charge and ownership of the task, but also getting the necessary information.

Share the Credit: You need to be proud of your achievements, but not in an exaggerated kind of way. Be generous. Share the credit with the team, your peers and bosses, command lasting respect, fight unprofessionalism. Remain sincere in your approach and keep a check on your ego.

All That Matters is Work: At the end of the day, it is the work that matters. You have joined an organisation to work and learn, to experience and to grow. If you get obsessed with issues concerning yours or other person’s ego, you may not be able to nurture a positive working environment, resulting in loss of man-hours and, subsequently, work.

So, the bottom line is that you should help create a dynamic and friendly work environment showing tolerance towards different behaviours and values, while having your head firmly over shoulders when dealing with disagreements. Has your work ever got affected due to ego, regardless of its perpetrator, or are you a cool cucumber under testing environments? Share your stories with us by writing in to us.

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