What Good Does Fear Do?

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What Good Does Fear Do?

This particular post has been taken from Take Charge, Building an Entrepreneur Mindset by Gaurav Marya. And it has been written from the perspective of an entrepreneur.

Fear is a basic emotion; it remains with all of us. All of us face the same fears whether we have two lakh, two crore or two hundred crore rupees. We are afraid of losing status, reputation, market share, people, opportunity…. These are real concerns. We all have played a high-stake game while dealing with an obtrusive government administration, crumbling infrastructure, unreliable suppliers, uncertain market environment. . .All is cause for worry.

The fear is the same, yes, but the scale differs. For an individual, our family’s wellbeing rests on our decisions. For an entrepreneur, the wellbeing of those entire dependent on his or her enterprise rests on the decisions made.

For entrepreneurs, carrying on an enterprise set up by an earlier generation, the stakes for failure are higher. The spirit of entrepreneurship is burdened by the legacy of past success and often the second generation, and sometimes even an early entrepreneur, settles within the relative comfort of jobwork, for fear of losing what has been gained. These entrepreneurs fall into the ‘guardian’ role – living in the fear of failure and loss.

Fear is not all bad, it has its positive impact. Fear teaches us caution and keeps us away from complacence. It is fear that gets us on that early morning flight, fine-tuning our presentation on that cramped airplane seat, for that appointment with the difficult client. We could have just turned off the alarm and snuggled back warm in bed. So let us own our fears and search for the fun that makes life worth living.


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