The Virtue of Punctuality

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The Virtue of Punctuality.

The psychology of non-punctual beings in our kind is that for them punctuality is never a priority. Managing time and being punctual are two intricately related virtues. You can only arrive on time for appointments and commitments if you manage your time well. In other words, punctuality is mastering the skill of time management. Punctuality as a trait not only displays respect for the other person’s time but also speaks volumes about your character. The people who do not endorse it as a habit, the latecomers, show a lack of commitment to success at their work. If you do not want to be called sloppy, undisciplined and unorganised, mend your habits and tweak your routines. But it is not an easy habit to imbibe and takes time and effort to be on the other side of the fence. Let us see how we can be on time for everything.

Do Not Make Excuses: Making excuses is a lame habit and is never taken seriously. If you are a latecomer, accept that you have a problem of reaching late at the time of making commitments. If admitting the fact embarrasses you, well, stop underestimating how long it will take to reach a certain place and start early. Simple? Follow the same while completing an office project.

Fix the Time a Little Ahead: All the watches – wall, wrist and cell-phone – should be put at least ten minutes ahead of the actual time. It will not only make you accomplish your tasks in time but give you a much needed morale boost. As well, keep telling yourself that what you see is the actual time and you are not ricking yourself into accepting that it is.

If You Can’t Make It, Don’t Commit: There are times when you cannot say No before accepting invitations for important functions and parties. If you know that you would not be able to make it, or do not want to go, politely refuse the invitation rather than falsely committing your presence. Same goes for work: do not take too many tasks on your platter if you cannot complete these in time.

Make a List: Make a list of how long you know your daily tasks take you. For instance, you should know how long do your daily activities like bathing, getting ready, eating breakfast, driving to work, parking, gym, etc., take. To start with, do this for a week and see the positive change this simple activity will instil in you.

Another thing you could do is to think about the person having to wait around for you. Feels miserable? Quit being late, get on with time!

What are your tips for always being on time, being punctual. Share them with us in the comments.


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