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Be a Quitter. Be the Change. Take Charge of Life

Be a Quitter. Be the Change. Take Charge of Life

A schoolteacher’s son from rural Gujarat had a dream: to make it big in life. He quit taking “no” for an answer. He ruffled a few wedges initially in life for his inability to hear “no”. Dhirubhai Ambani left his hometown and his humble beginnings to make it big in Yemen, and from here returned to take a chance that eventually bore him millions. The rest, as they stay, is stuff history books are made of. Reliance commercial company, started in 1942, changed the face of Indian Business. It is evident how quitting hearing “no” took one man’s dream from rural India to a Fortune 500 company. He went on to be a quitter and initiated the change, before taking charge of his life and becoming an utter success.

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Let’s Start A New Quitters Movement Today

Let’s Start A New Quitters Movement Today.

Republic day celebrates the coming into force of its constitution. It was on January 26, 1950, that the constitution of India came into force. Let us celebrate Republic Day by claiming our own independence and writing our own ‘constitution’. A constitution is like a business plan that directs you action. So let us quit the mundane and the ordinary, learn to value our own worth, and live our own dream. Let us take a pledge that we won’t wait for things to happen, instead we will make them happen.

Be a quitter, Be The Change!