Staffing requirements in full-service restaurants

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Staffing Requirements

All aspects of food production and service need to have somebody responsible. Like in all full service restaurants, there are two lines of operations – back-of-the-house (food production) and front-of-the-house (food service).

The posts required in the back-of-the-house include:

Head chef: Somebody who would design and keep innovating the menu, be ultimately responsible for the kitchen and if needed step in to lead all kitchen operations.

Sous chef: A French term that literally means under chef. This person reports to the head chef and manages the kitchen. Working closely with the head chef would also mean helping design and innovate the menu.

Chef de partie: Another French term that literally means chef of a group. These are chefs in charge of a particular station in the kitchen. In large kitchens, stations are managed by groups of chefs led by a chef de partie. In smaller kitchens, single chefs, called line cooks, undertake this role.

Pastry chef: As the name suggests, these are chefs responsible for baked items and desserts.

The front-of-the-house posts include:

Maitre d’hotel: Another French term that literally means master of the hotel, who is responsible for ensuring that all guests are welcomed and served well. The maitre d’hotel is responsible for the conduct of all staff in the service side of the restaurant.

Sommelier and bartender: A bartender is responsible for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a sommelier is an expert on wines. The taste of food is complemented by what you drink with it – especially wine. Some people are now studying which non-alcoholic drinks are best suited for different kinds of foods. As each is a speciality on their own, you would need to hire both.

Servers or Waiters: This term is responsible for serving customers at the table. This is a skilled job and people need to strictly follow the best norms of service skilfully and efficiently.

Hosts: Responsible for welcoming customers at the door and guiding them to their table.

Cashier: The accounts person who will prepare the bill for the customers based on the order serviced.

All the above-mentioned positions call for high levels of skill and proven experience. Even the position of host requires tremendous amount of courtesy and service orientation.


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