Restaurant Categories III Fine Dining

A fine dining restaurant is the epitome of food production, service and hospitality. As mentioned above, the only thing that differentiates casual dining and fine dining is the price that is commanded.

To be able to successfully charge a high price a fine dining restaurant has to provide top class food, impeccable service and a classy environment. Decor features high quality materials with an eye towards the ‘atmosphere’, as desired by the restaurateur. Staff is highly trained and wears a formal attire.


The challenge for fine dining restaurants is to match the innovation and uniqueness of successful casual dining restaurants and then take it to a level that they just cannot afford to match. The ambience will have to match across all aspects of decor, uniform, with menu cards, table linen, crockery, silverware, lighting and furniture. In a fine dining restaurant the level of detailing is very minute. It is important that everything has to be consistent with the style and concept.

The ultimate goal is to ensure a unique experience for the customer who is used to the best of the best. The Spice Route restaurant is Delhi’s Imperial Hotel has been listed by Conde Nast Traveller as one of the top ten restaurants in the world. It has been designed as a visual treat of the art and culture from the spice route that traverses through cultures of Kerala, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia to Thailand and Vietnam. The decor itself makes a visit to this restaurant an experience of a lifetime.


Guests at a fine dining restaurant expect to be treated like valued guests. Most fine restaurants take on the service experience that royalty is used to. However, the service offered has to be flexible enough to suit the needs of each guest. Some may resent too much attention and view it as smothering and intrusive. The service staff needs to be able to provide discrete service that anticipates the needs and comfort of specific guests. Here too total detailing of the table service has to be designed, from putting napkins on the diner’s lap to serving from the correct side of the customer, to who should be served first in a group. . .the staff must pay heed to every little detail.

The level of service actually starts from outside. In this format of restaurant, you need to offer parking services and a reservation system. It is keeping all these issues in mind that most fine dining restaurants are located within the premises of five or seven-star luxury hotels.


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