Restaurant Categories II

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Restaurant Categories II


Cafe is termed as a place to drink hot and cold beverage and particularly coffee. Nowadays, a cafe has a lot to offer. The coffee at a cafe can be teamed with several beverages and a range of snacks. Generally, cafes are places where people go to relax, rejuvenate, socialise and to chit-chat.


Cafes provide a number of different seating scenarios. People who come alone and people who come in groups can find seating to meet their needs. Customers who want to linger for a while on a couch and comfortable lounge style seating are also accommodated. Adjustable seating is possible for groups who are coming in for a meeting. Outdoor seating plans for a cafe are also important. Special thought has to be given to play the right kind of music for the right time of day.


There is scope for providing a combination of counter and table service at a cafe. Customers tend to spend longer time in the cafe in comparison to other restaurants so a degree of table service can help increase sales.


A place serving moderately priced food items in a comfortable atmosphere defines casual dining. These restaurants have table service, though some may offer buffet-style meals and some may be complete buffet restaurants. Casual dining restaurants could also have a bar and a limited wine menu.


There is a wide variety of casual dining restaurants and the ambience depends on the targeted clientele. Thus, outlets aimed at a young customer would have bright colours and loud music and those targeting families and older customers would be more sober. Keeping in mind the need to keep the prices low, the ambience is more appealing and imaginative than luxurious. Creating thinking can be brought to play to suit the cuisine and the concept of the restaurant. The food is reasonably priced and guests tend to spend long hours at such restaurants.


Customers expect table service at casual dining restaurants, but are satisfied with the serving of the food and drinks ordered and an occasional topping up of water glasses. Casual dining outlets also offer take out or home delivery services.


A fine dining restaurant is the epitome of food production, service and hospitality. As mentioned above, the only thing that differentiates casual dining and fine dining is the price that is commanded. To be able to successfully charge a high price a fine dining restaurant has to provide top class food, impeccable service and a classy environment. Decor features high quality materials with an eye towards the ‘atmosphere’, as desired by the restaurateur. Staff is highly trained and wears a formal attire.

We will talk about the ambience and service needs in a fine dining restaurant in our next post.


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