Quit Small Thinking.

Ok. . .let’s start by saying however “BIG” you must be thinking at this moment, it is not enough. Thinking big comes with seeing big. Only when you venture into something that needs courage – (an idea or a brilliant service to offer or just your talent you need to reach out to people with) – will you gain something out of it. It is like becoming thick-skinned and following your heart, even when others express doubt over your actions. Become one with the vision – start seeing, hearing and feeling it – so you must pursue it, however silly that might seem to your peers and counterparts.

Rome was not built in a day and neither was it built by one person. Today, individuals, teams and companies can all benefit from thinking big! Let’s read tips that can help you think bigger:

A Baby Grows Up Into An Adult, It’s Not the Other Way Round: Things always start out small. It wouldn’t be a big thought without the small beginnings. Don’t bother about small thoughts, though. Stay with these and give these the time to grow big.

Don’t Be Afraid: Individuals are afraid of thinking big, they are afraid of becoming successful and rich. Becoming successful and rich is confined to the dream-space. They think about the pleasant thoughts and tell themselves invariably – “ONE DAY!” But they do nothing to take it to the next level. Do not be afraid of transforming your dream into a reality, come out of the comfort zone and stay committed to executing your vision, the courage will take care of itself.

With Arms Wide Open: You will have whatever you want by simply asking for it. Stay committed. Take calculated risks. Ask for more! Keep asking! The power of thinking big is that there are no limits to it. So, get more, inspire people, contribute and share and enrich the world around you!

Don’t Play Safe: There is a difference between what you think you can achieve and what you want. The ‘what-you-think-you-can-achieve’ domain is a safe, limited space and one that avoids displeasure whilst the ‘what-you-want’ is a huge, unlimited space, which is both big and audacious. Let’s ruffle a few feathers. Let’s makes some noise!

Don’t Play Safe! Quit Small Thinking!

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