Quit Rage

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Quit Rage.

Anger is a natural emotion. Everyone gets angry on occasion but the need of the hour is to manage anger. Anger can take many forms including irritation, self-botheration, explosion-like and avoidance. Rage controls you, which is why they say that you have lost your temper. When anger gets uncontrolled, it becomes rage. Busy lifestyles, tight deadlines at work, familial and peer pressure to outperform competitors, the rush to become a success and lack of patience are some of the many subtle reasons causing stress, anxiety and depression, ultimately leading to rage.

Let us explore ways in which you can quit your rage:

Breathe it Out: Let go of rage by simply counting your breaths. Breathe deeply and not from your chest. Many experts suggest that neurological rage response does not last for more than a few seconds. Like the legend goes, count till 10 when raging and see if your flared nostrils have subsided. Slowly repeat the words or phrases that can relax you, such as “take it easy,” “relax”, and the like.

Own your Feeling and Communicate: When angry with someone, first confess to yourself the reason and own it up in front of the other person, instead of flying into a rage and making a menace of yourself. Rage is known to get you overly exaggerated and dramatic. If you say things like, “I am upset with your behaviour,” or “I was not expecting this out of you,” and talking in a calm manner about what has upset you, it can keep the situation from becoming volatile.

Exercise: When you exercise, a lot of pent up energy exits from your body. And a composed mind is better equipped in handling issues of anger than anything else. Go for a walk in the park and try to divert your attention to the beauty around you. Return when you feel calm. You can also try changing your environment. Change your surroundings. Take a break from anything that is causing you anxiety. Be at peace and have some personal time. You can also visualise yourself in your favourite place doing things that you love the most.

Always remember, anger is not necessarily a bad thing when used as a constructive response to a threat. But one should work on anger before it becomes an uncontrollable rage, understand it and take steps to change the situation. Redirect your anger in a positive way. Anger is a healthy emotion if expressed appropriately. As they say, decision taken in a rage, while having lost your temper, is a decision you are sure to regret.

Quit Rage. Manage Your Anger to Achieve More.

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