Quit Procrastination.

You have sat down, had your tea, exchanged greetings, checked your e-mails. . .but you still haven’t started your work. At some point of time, we all have stood guilty of delaying, avoiding or putting off doing something that we must do. It’s called procrastination. Quit procrastination and manage your work better. Say “Now” instead of “Later,” say “Today” instead of “Tomorrow.”

Don’t simply put off what you could easily be doing today. Here’s how:

Break up Large Projects into Small Tasks: You can split your works into tiny, manageable chunks! Set short deadlines and finish those. Each completed task gives you a sense of accomplishment and powers you to do more.

Nothing Will Be Perfect The First Time: Don’t be a perfectionist from the start. Finish a job and then see how you can improve. Quantity is also important.

Well Begun Is Half Done: Focus on “beginning” to work on something, instead of “finishing” it. The next steps get clear after you have taken the first one. When you dwell on finishing a task, the mind can’t help but succumb to its mammoth pressure. Stop thinking, start doing!

Make Yourself a Challenge Zone: Pick a time when you will move out of the comfort zone and accomplish something at a faster than usual pace. Assign yourself a time-frame, say, for instance, two hours, and work the hardest in those two hours. Be brave, be productive, challenge yourself and stimulate your brain.

Be Inspired: Make friends with individuals who discourage procrastination. Get inspired by their work ethic and inculcate it in yours.

Time is the most important resource we have, so try to not waste any of it.

Quit Procrastination! Just Do It, Now!


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