Have Purpose, Will Live

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Have Purpose, Will Live

Purpose is an important, meaningful word. The journey that we undertake, as humans with intellect and emotion, from the moment our lives begin until it starts to fade away, has a very meaningful purpose: the life itself. Although the degree of purpose varies from person to person, the fact remains that all of us focus on maximising our time and opportunities to achieve that purpose. Many of us do lose out on our purpose once we approach our twenties, we should not let life shut its doors on us. Today, we talk about how to bring back purpose into our lives in five meaningful ways.

First, ask “Why” as often as you take up a new task, activity or an agenda. With every new happening in your life, attach a “Why” and answer yourself. For example: If you are writing a blog, ask yourself why you are writing one. The “What’s” and “How’s” would come later on.

Second, do some homework and have an Agenda before starting off your day. It is said that take life as it comes, but it is often misinterpreted as, “Just be alright with whatever life throws at you.” Don’t be lackadaisical and always prepare yourself for what’s coming next. Plan your work, your days and nights out, your dates with loved ones, your holidays as early as a year in advance. A good way to do that is to prepare a calendar based on special dates and holidays on the first day of every year.

Third, prepare a Bucket List. One of the most important purposes of life is to have the yearning to see the unseen, to experience the newness, to hear the unheard and to have the curiosity to know the mystery behind all life. The mundane, everyday tasks will get taken care of by somebody. Don’t waste your time in the little chores, delegate and outsource your work. Think big, dream big.

Fourth, everything that you enjoy doing, Hobbies like reading, biking, painting, singing, mountaineering, food, gadgets, should be decided on carefully and meticulously, with a discerning eye. Make them interesting by not following the ordinary. Don’t have anyone else decide on these things on your behalf.

NOW! is the most powerful word to have originated. The essence of this word lies in the Now! Don’t wait for things to happen to you. Just do them, grab every opportunity, don’t sleep on your aspirations and aims. Achieve them before it’s too late.

So, start living your life purposefully before it’s too late and tell us the ways in which you strive to make living everyday purposeful.


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