Franchising Fit for Retired Professionals

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Franchising Fit for Retired Professionals.

Retirement is never an ending but a new beginning. It is the best time to put all the wealth and wisdom that you have acquired during your professional journey to the best possible use. Franchise route offers various opportunities for retired professionals to invest in their money with limited risk and reap valuable returns.

Why hop onto franchise after retirement?

Established brand name, extensive support in the form of training, operations, advertising as well as marketing and the advantage of a proven business concept makes franchise model a viable investment opportunity especially for government officials and corporate executives who wish to have their own business. Age is never a consideration for the franchisor but the skills possessed by the prospective franchisee. The corporate ladder offers a clear cut path to increase ones earnings. But franchising is an unrestrained route where time and age have no barriers. It is totally upon the will of the franchisee when to start and when to quit.

Rising Prospects Colonel Harland Sanders was in his mid sixties when he devoted himself to expanding the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise. According to a recent report “Franchise ownership falls in the list of top twenty best paying retirement jobs.” In the recent years India too has seen rise in the number of franchise owners who are over fifty years of age.

Points to ponder :-
• The retirees should not make decisions in haste but carefully analyse the industry before taking up a franchise.
• First and the foremost, health factors should be carefully evaluated.
• Businesses that involve long and tiring hours should be avoided.
• Stress and anxiety due to work can prove to be disastrous at this age.
• Physical strength, mental stamina and endurance should form the basic standards against which prospective business options should be measured.
• Secondly, money matters play an important role. Franchise that involves lower up-front costs and minimal ongoing overhead is what retired professionals generally look for.
• The entire earning of your life needs to be invested in a franchise that has the potential of offering hundred per cent success rate.
• At this stage you definitely cannot afford to lose money.

Thirdly, more important than front-up investment is the return on investment. It requires a certain specific time period to break even, which varies from business to business. Therefore selecting a franchise demands careful scrutiny and exposure to brands that are credible. The credibility of the franchise brand and quality opportunity can be done by the retired professionals by visiting the franchise expos pan-India held by Franchise India. Also the consulting team at Franchise India supports the investors in verifying the brand’s for investing their hard earned money. If these concerns are intelligently attended to, then indeed franchising is the best suited mode of earning for retired professionals and a perfect way to begin their new life.

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