Franchise India to make way for Fresh Graduates

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Franchise India to make way for Fresh Graduates.

The proverbial story of graduates in India is all too familiar. The average age at which students graduate in India is 21, and soon after, in fact when in final year/semester in college, are expected to answer a plethora of dated questions by family and peers alike: “So now that the studies are over, which company are you applying to?”, “Your dream job?”, “How soon are you starting with your job?”, “Is it a reputed, well-known company?”, “How much are they paying?” So on and so forth. The trails of questions seem never-ending and repetitive. Succumbing to join a big corporate or giving in to the temptation of shepherding across their father’s business to the altar, the options to choose from after one has “completed” their education are far from many. However, many examples shed light on the third category, too, that of graduates who go for starting their own business and becoming entrepreneurs.

The times are changing! And the shift is for all to see from ordinary to extraordinary. But it is not easy to become an entrepreneur. Many a time people do not know why they want to join a business. What is it that attracts: the money, sense of ownership or the glamour that it involves? Starting and running a business requires elaborate planning and organising. One has to maintain his interest even through the lows that are so intrinsic of the concept of owning a business. The ability to think on your feet, a commercial sense to understand value, revenue and profit, ambition to accommodate aspirations of all the stakeholders, financial discipline, etc, are only some traits out of the many that an entrepreneur needs to have – in abundance – before even thinking of starting a business.

That is where Franchise India thinks franchising is the way forward for you. Not only will it provide you with a platform to become an entrepreneur, there are a number of powerful incentives that will motivate you to make the plunge. By opting to take up a franchised business, you are becoming a part of the success story. You are simply adopting a time-tested system for success that is a result of years of trials and errors. Plus, for earning a profit with minimised risk, you have the satisfaction of owning a business. Lucrative and appealing as franchising may seem, it is wise that you take a hard look and weigh each stage with extreme care before you take the leap. It is in fact a major decision and requires careful deliberation.

Anyone who wants to take up a franchise (and/or open up a business) in areas such as food, fitness, education, apparels, salon and spa, etc, and is exploring options, right from business plan to business modelling, to finances, to real estate, to hiring teams, to expanding and business growth, so on and so forth, are our potential clients. Franchise India provides end-to-end consulting and that’s how it’ll help these entrepreneurs take a well-informed decision. Since our company’s inception, FI has interacted with a little more than 25,000 budding entrepreneurs. We have consulted over 500 large and small corporations in making informed decisions about their business growth. Always remember the more answers you get to all your business related questions, the better prepared you will be to face the challenges that are so intrinsic of it.


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