Follow the Basic Etiquette of Dressing Right

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Dressing Right.

Experts suggest that your clothing can be the motivating factor behind how you perceive work and affects how others view you. It has an impact on our performance, too, and is a powerful extension of your personality. After all, who doesn’t like to feel smart when at work? How beautiful or handsome you look doesn’t not matter, what matters is how you feel. If you feel good, its affect on your work will seldom go unnoticed. As well, your clothing preferences would also depend on various factors such as the industry you are working in or the place you go to. There will always be a difference in how a typesetter and an investment banker would dress to work. However, there is a certain etiquette you need to follow when it comes to office clothing. These are:

Practice Minimalism in Accessorising Self: Do not over-accessorise yourself. While it is not new to see a newly-wed woman sporting a chuda, your post-wedding penchant for gold and silver accessories should be given a miss. For men, a gold or silver earring at work is a big no-no.

Go for Milder Colours in One-tone: Do not wear shirts that are bright or shiny. Stick to the solid-one-tone-colour rule at work. Wearing versatile fabrics, warm, neutral (dark) coloured shirts and trousers works best for men and women alike. Go for a size that is comfortable and not tight. Wear belts that match your shoes. On weekends many companies allow their employees to wear casuals. But casuals should not mean sloppy-wear.

Less is More: As with accessories, less is more when wearing make-up. You can get dressed like a rock star or a glam-doll, but not when you are coming to work. Your nails should always be cut short and kept clean.

Hair and How: Sporting stubble or a light beard might be acceptable in some offices, but the preferred look in almost all the corporate-organisations today is clean-shaven. Like your clothing, take extreme care of your hairdo. Keep your hair oil-free when going out for meeting your clients.

Keep the Shine Limited to your Shoes: Always wax-shine your shoes. A good-looking pair of shoe can accentuate your overall look.

You will need to decide if you should wear ties and scarves to add colour to your attire. You can also accessorise these with the help of a tie-pin, brooches, etc. Dressing for work is like dressing a salad, the more the innovation, the more the impact.

How do you dress yourself to office? Does it make you feel at the top of things or does the handling of it get bothersome? Write in to Quitters to share your dressing-for-work stories and get featured!

Dressing Right is the Key to Feel Confident!


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