Entrepreneur Commonalities – Five.

Quitters in its this phase of writing, titled “Entrepreneurial Commonalities”, is committed to take its readers through the journey of learning and sharing, questioning and being counter-questioned, applying and becoming, realising and teaching the stages that make up any and every entrepreneur’s life. We have talked about 20 common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs so far, covering five in each of Quitters’ previous post. This is the fifth and the last post, which will complete 25 common characteristics of entrepreneurs.

They Believe in Taking Action: Remember that action can result into knowing your true potential by negating fear and hesitation. They are realists who believe the limitation of time and energy and therefore stay focused to achieving their goals, however difficult and grumpy the road. It’s the passion to reach their aim that drives them. And it is this zeal that inspires others.

They Know Who They Are Inside Out: You would never come across an entrepreneur who makes false statements and takes pride in them. They know their strengths and weaknesses and based on that assessment build an able team that helps them realise the business idea’s true potential. They’re never far from truth when it concerns them, their personalities and the kind of people they are. They do not believe in conforming other people’s beliefs about the entrepreneur in them.

They like To Be With Their Tribe: Many entrepreneurs have tried going the distance alone and realised that they cannot do it alone. They are always surrounded by people, friends, family and colleagues, who share the same passion as theirs. And that is what makes their ideas and the desire to implement those ideas click.

They Fail Truly: They’re not afraid of the fear of failure, because it can paralyse anyone. They negate it completely in that they try fully the tasks they plan for, not worrying about being doomed if they failed. They fail truly, completely and learn from their mistakes. More often than not, it is the failure that takes them closer to their dream, sometime even giving them a brilliant idea to achieve it by giving another shot.

They Work Hard: To say that their business and the entire technicality involved make them boring people is wrong. They work day and night in the initial phase of striving to realise their dream. But once they’re closer to their dream and can delegate work to their team, they believe in partying hard.

Every entrepreneur has examined his/her characteristics and they’re well aware of what their business journey is going to be. The last five posts consist of commonalities that unite them, in their overall personality and working style. Although there’s no formula to achieve success, it could be really hard to succeed without having these traits.

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