Determination is the Key!

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Determination is the Key!

Determination is another word for resoluteness. Every morning, when we start from our homes for work, we are determined to achieve something. We want to be a winner and accomplish all our goals. It is in a way a feeling of standing firmly in the face of opposition. That firmness, in turn, tells on your character and purpose, the admiration you have to reach the altar of your obstacles, however exhausting. Determination, in other words, is the absence of uncertainty and weakness. It is not allowing anyone of anything to come in your way and the goal you are out to meet.

How this staunchness and resolve in a person’s demeanour cultivates, you might end up wondering. Is it due to the experiential learning owing to our exposure to our surroundings and the general way in which everybody seems to be working today, or is it innate: a skill that you naturally have? What is that which makes you determined? Well, the answer is this:

Make it a Habit: Keep pushing yourself no matter how negative the day is turning out for you. Very often, what happens with you at the start of the day starts reflecting on the happenings of the remaining day. Experts suggest that there is a neuropathway that comes into play, and whenever you start to feel down, tell your brain to bounce back. Make it a habit. Push yourself. Do not let it affect your day, your goals, your mindset.

Live in the Present Moment: Do not look at the bigger picture from afar, it can affect your decision making. Focus on what you have to do now, and forget what is to come later. What you will do today will have a direct influence on your future. Stay centred and focus on today’s goals rather than pressurising yourself on the overwhelming tasks ahead. Always remember this brilliant quote by Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most celebrated artists of all time: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Be Resilient: Make the best of your present situation. Don’t waste time thinking about your “don’t have” areas, rather be resilient and focus on your have’s. Not only that, be gratuitous for what you have and never feel sorry for yourself. The best is yet to come!

All Practice and No Luck: Practice, practice, practice! If you keep blaming your stars and leave everything down on luck, then you are far off from being determined. Keep practicing, give your 100 per cent in all the tasks, avoid getting distracted. You can simply become dedicated if you have committed yourself to a particular task or goal, and oftentimes while being in the habit, you succeed in your tasks.

Make it a habit! Be a winner!

Everyone must have their own little ways they follow to become more determined in life. What’re yours?


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