All We Need is Patience

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All We Need is Patience.

Patience is not an innate virtue, it is a skill. It is often said that your patience is tested in the face of trying and difficult circumstances, when what should provoke you leaves you unfettered. On another level, patience is not waiting for something to happen, as many people confuse it with. That is plain laziness. But when you wait for things worth waiting for, alas, patience comes to you naturally. Saint Augustine considered the virtue a companion of wisdom. Since the toxins like anger and frustration have become a major part of our life in this age, owing to the stressful office schedules and strained personal relationships, qualities like peace and calm are never easy to come by. If you develop the skill of being patient towards people and situations, not only you are helping yourself grow personally but professionally too.

The curiosity to know everything, the rashness in decision-making, the haste of getting the work done/doing your work, the disappointment of a hard life, the non-acceptance of reality, the inability to express your feelings out loud, not letting go, and so on, are everyday ideas pushing you towards impatience. Sometimes simply accepting the things as they really are can instil a lot of patience in you, so you experience greater joy and calm, but it’d be helpful to know some areas to help us to improve:

Blabber or Write-it-out: Talking to your friends and family, or writing down things on a paper will help you get a perspective on things, enabling you to chalk out the unwanted creases. It will also serve as an important tool for personal growth.

Thing Big: Thing big in the sense you should see the dynamics of an unpleasant situation. Every one of those will have something in it to take the learning from. Learn the lesson and see what the greater design of things has to offer instead of cribbing over them.

Pretence: Can’t you just pretend that the things that have left you bothered don’t actually bother you so much? Yes, you can act it out for a little while. The initial moments are the toughest and once they pass, you can be your real self.

You’re not God: And you don’t and shouldn’t have all the answers to all the problems and unpleasantness in your life. Let things be unresolved, let them be as they are, accept them as is and move on. Remember, it is the questions that matter and not their solutions. Think over it and let go!

Let’s all practice patience until you, with a smile and glint in your eye, bid farewell to the next frustrating moment. Patience is indeed a virtue and it gets us all by.


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