The Morning Quietude – Why Rising Up Early is Important

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The Morning Quietude – Why Rising Up Early is Important

A hectic day in the life of an entrepreneur calls for a good night sleep. For lesser mortals, however, knowing the sleep patterns of successful entrepreneurs doesn’t count for much apart from learning how disciplined their lives are. As studies on successful entrepreneurs have covered everything right from their protein intake to music preferences, how could these not conclude the time of day most want to wake up, making most of the available hours in a day? Going by what these studies suggest, it can actually teach us one thing: it is far more productive to get up in the morning than to sleep late in the night. In addition, the number of hours spent sleeping is way less than the standard 8-hour sleep.

After all, who would want to spend their special and exciting lives sleeping? Lot of articles on popular entrepreneur-focused forums too suggest the same. So, what must be reasons these successful barons of huge companies want to maximise the morning time instead of night. Let’s learn them like the back of our hands.

Saying No To Distraction: At 5 or 6 in the morning, the distractions are less likely to happen than in the mid of the night. So, all the personal time they want to spend in leisure and hobby pursuing, it can best happen during the wee hours. Taking up hobbies after a long day at work is unpractical.

They Have All the Good Reasons: If you do not have a good reason to get up and start working, you probably wouldn’t get around to getting up early. All entrepreneurs have good reasons to compromise on their sleep.

Taking Advantage of the Extra Time: The earlier the better. The entrepreneurs make most of the early morning time (from 4 am to 7 am) because that is the time one is most efficient, active and lively.

The Experience: The experience of seeing and feeling the daylight taking over the darkness of the night is most fulfilling and wonderful. It is the experience the morning peace and the quietude provides, away from all the madness that surrounds one through the day, that can take away all the pressures which are so intrinsic of any entrepreneur’s life.


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