Take Charge! – Building an Entrepreneur Mindset

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Take Charge! – Building an Entrepreneur Mindset.

Take Charge, a book by serial entrepreneur and author of bestselling book on franchising, The Science of Reproducing Success (FIHL Publications), is about the attitude that powered Vijay Kumar to tell Mr R K Gupta, “Meh paanch lakh ka sauda karne aaya hoon, aur meri jaid mein paanch phuti kaudiya bhi nahi hai.” (Trishul, 1978)

Here are some of the best quotes from the revered book:

  1. Entrepreneurship is a mental attitude – a mindset, not a legal ownership of the enterprise.
  2. An entrepreneur mindset is about owning our dreams, our flights of fancy.
  3. A big fantasy with a feasible action plan is vision.
  4. A vision is not an idea. Ideas are temporary, anybody can have them. Ideas have to be built on to become a vision.
  5. Entrepreneurship is a deep emotional, intellectual, practical and joyful ownership of the enterprise we are in.
  6. Let us build a dreamers’ club, filled with intelligent people, who invest a lot of serious energy into creating fantasies of growth.
  7. Let’s walk before we run. Acquire a change mindset to help scale up from a small start.
  8. If it is a job we want to do, we should do on someone else’s risk. If we want to be in charge, then we need to take charge – become an entrepreneur.
  9. The vision emerges from our engagement with business much like our character emerges from the way we live life.
  10. If we were to see the Kaurava army ranged against the Pandavas as the adversity that our enterprise will face, then there are many business lessons we can learn from the Bhagwad Gita.
  11. From day one, an entrepreneur is sailing against the wind, all alone. There are sharks in the water, and it is a new boat that has not been tested for leaks!
  12. We may have started the enterprise with a big dream and a big vision; but let us not begin by acting like a big corporation from day one. Let us start with “baby steps”. Let us walk before we run.
  13. Thinking big. Starting small. Achieving early success. Scaling up. Replicating once. Replicating twice. Replicating. . .. is the nature of the enterprise-building-game.
  14. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Build the mindset of nimble thinking and quick action.
  15. When we stumble. . .let’s learn. Build a learning organisation and be its first student.
  16. The business can look after itself, let’s build the brand.
  17. In the game of love, it is the suitor who best knows how to woo the object of his or her desire. As entrepreneurs, we are the best people to decide what we need to do to recreate the magic.
  18. Ultimately, it is “us only”, let’s build personal capacity. We stand alone, so let’s stand rather strong.
  19. Share the reward, own the risk. Demonstrate generosity to build loyalty!
  20. On the job 24/7, so find the time.
  21. If we aren’t having fun – let’s change the game.


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