It Takes a No to say “No”

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It Takes a No to say “No”.

Stop saying “Yes” to everything! When you don’t want to do something: the party you don’t feel like going to, that assignment you can’t help your friend with during the weekend because you have other commitments, the business deal you don’t want your company to commit to just yet, the additional project you are told to take on at work when you are alarmingly nervous of nearing the previous one’s deadline, and in many other decisions, from petty to life-altering ones such as a new job, new city, relationship, marriage et al, you can’t help but say “Yes”, either succumbing under the weight of your own self-righteousness or just out of habit or just to please your peers and family. You need to understand that you should stop saying “Yes” to things you don’t want to or can’t do, simply because of the following reasons.

To Avoid Pressure: And undue pressure at that. When you take a decision under the influence of others or what they might think if you were to say “No”, you are already under pressure. The pressure gets to you even before you say “Yes”: Firstly, in finding inspiration and the willingness to do what you don’t want to do and secondly, in making sure other person’s expectations are fulfilled even when you are not entitled for that.

To Avoid Contradictions: If you are a perpetual do-gooder-to-everyone, you might understand this. When you commit to something unthinkingly, you feel trapped by your own “man-of-his-word” assessment of yourself, which either leads you to perform the task while skipping some of your own or regretting later on because you can’t find the time to do it. In both the cases, you stand guilty of being contradictory.

To Avoid Wasting Time: The practice of saying “Yes” first and thinking about its consequences later on is quite common these days. You are not only wasting your time but also of the other’s. By being honest and straightforward you are not only freeing yourself of the guilt trip but helping the other by saving their time. On hearing “No”, they would immediately start looking out for other alternatives.

For the Sake of Avoiding It: Simply avoid it because you don’t want to do it. Say “No” and don’t fear losing out on the ones who care. Because it is said: The ones who mind, don’t matter, and the ones who matter, don’t mind. Don’t ever be under pressure. Be honest. And stop saying “Yes” to everything.

Many would differ with us on this and might have their own reasons to agree to do everything, for everyone. Share with us in the comments’ section below those reasons.


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