If you don’t like it, quit it!

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If you don’t like it, quit it!

“You have to quit doing things that stop you from doing things you are born to do.” Through this post, we talk on the journey of four such influential people who have made it big whilst following their heart, and quit following the societal norms.

I QUIT FOOTBALL – Little known is the fact that ace international cricketer and one of the world’s most successful captains, MS Dhoni was originally a district-level football player. Dhoni was a goalkeeper of the football team and was sent to play cricket for a local cricket club by his then football coach. He did not let the fear of uncertainty cloud his vision. He took charge, and what followed was only success. Dhoni stands with the most exceptional career record – a winner in all formats of cricket that are played around the world. Taking on every challenge in his stride!

I QUIT FEAR – The story of a superstar would consist of a lot of luck, hard work and drama. What we do not expect in the story is a mention of Bangalore transport service. Our very own Rajinikanth worked as a bus conductor in Karnataka before he turned to theatre and performed supersonic stunts with unbelievable ease on the silver screen. He stands as a demigod for many with his immortal portrayals – taking Indian regional cinema to an international stand. A megastar with unparalleled fandom, and as we all know, even fear is scared of Rajinikanth!

I QUIT THE PATTERN – When Ralph Lauren left school without completing his degree, he decided to break the pattern. And that made him an international super brand – Ralph Lauren and Polo. He started by working for Brooks Brothers as a salesman. He later opened a necktie store, which featured some ties that he designed himself. Ralph Lauren was not an admirer of monotony or even traditional education for that matter. He was cut out for an unconventional stream of work and he quit the pattern to move from neckties to international runways. And the catwalk carries on!

I QUIT WORK – “It’s not work, it’s play,’ says Larry Page, as the chief executive officer of Google. He says so with conviction because he too never worked to work. He truly believes that only those who enjoy what they do succeed in life. And Lawrence “Larry” Page is by far is the most vivid living example as he has always followed his own desire and conviction, and is making billions out of his childhood hobby of creating computer programmes. And today, we all know the founder and CEO of Google still doesn’t follow work the conventional way.

Quitting is a need, it’s an attitude, but more importantly it is a moment that changes one’s life. It’s a movement to start your journey for change. Following the simple ideology that either you like it or you quit it. It’s the art of loving what you like or the art of quitting what you dislike.


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