From Today Let’s Get Efficient

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From Today Let’s Get Efficient.

Efficiency is not achieved by just working hard, you also have to work smart. Spending extra hours at work to complete the tasks assigned, is not a sign of efficiency. You have to squeeze more out of every hour and maximise your productivity. Working smart and hard means knowing how you can set and achieve stretch targets within the workday. When you are efficient, you feel more content and satisfied. Four ways to be more efficient at work are:

Schedule Your Day in Advance: Stop saying “First thing in the morning”, start saying “Let’s prepare for tomorrow.” You can also work on scheduling a week ahead on weekends. Habituate yourself to use a planner, communicate effectively, e-mail efficiently, organise your priorities and be realistic.

Get Up an Hour Earlier: “Early to bed, early to rise” is one of the most underrated adages. When you get up earlier than your scheduled time, you make mental notes of how you can compartmentalise your time during the day. If possible, go for a walk or find time for gym before you start getting ready for work. It is obvious, then, you will feel the need to go to bed earlier than before. Be disciplined. Be focused.

Stop Wasting Time: You have to get into the habit of utilising your time. Today, tomorrow and every day. When you are not doing what you are supposed to, you are wasting time. Take breaks and rest on purpose, do not deliberately waste your time. If you are required to undertake research on the Internet for your project, limit yourself and focus on your task rather than surfing the web viciously. Internet is a place where everything seems interesting. Resist the temptation.

Don’t Bury Sleep, Bury the TV: Do not let late night TV watching deprive you of the much-needed rest. As hard as it must be since most of us are attuned to a minimum of 2-3 hour TV viewing every day, saying “No” will not only save us time but prevent our brain from getting overloaded by rapid-fire stimuli it exposes us to, robbing us of precious sleep.

Being more productive and efficient should not be limited to your workplace, but to all areas of life. Extract more value out of your interactions and improve your life. What are the techniques that you follow to make your day more efficient and productive? The Quitter community believes in interacting with their readers, to help initiate a dialogue. Tell us what’s your key to getting your work deadlines met, tell us how it helps you from putting pressure on your life.

Quit Wasting Time. Embrace Efficiency.

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