Entrepreneurial Commonalities – Two.

In the last post, we mentioned how entrepreneurial commonalities or common traits, if identified and nurtured, can help you chart a growth plan for your business. While success is never a guarantee, you need to acquire these characteristics to strategically get yourself on board. Displaying a driving force is important and so is inner strength and patience, because you will need constant inspiration to keep yourself afloat on the lows that are so intrinsic of the life of an entrepreneur.

Quitters in its next phase of writing titled, “Entrepreneurial Commonalities” is committed to take the readers through the journey of learning and sharing, questioning and being counter-questioned, applying and becoming, realising and teaching the stages that make up any entrepreneur’s life. We will talk about 25 common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, covering five in each Quitters’ post. This is the second post of the series.

Promote Self to Promote Business: It is indeed a myth that if your product/service is great, you wouldn’t need to worry about its sales, because once the greatness of it gets discovered by the masses, they wouldn’t think twice before buying and engaging in word-of-mouth promotion. Entrepreneurs know how beneficial self promotion as a marketing tool is and therefore do not shy away from promoting self to promote their business.

Work is Worship: Every business owner is proud of her enterprise’s product(s)/service(s) and keeps herself motivated enough to continue establishing milestones. They will always take their work seriously, criticism even more seriously, and will completely ignore the sceptics and negative opinions for the sake of their business. They are honest with themselves and have realistic expectations.

A Sale is a Sale: Until the entrepreneur gets her product/service sold out, none of the marketing or advertising efforts really count. She knows that she has to ask people to buy what she’s selling, so she could hire the best people for public relations and advertising. Entrepreneurs are great salespersons. They know whatever is being done is done keeping the customer in mind and if they are unable to get the customer to buy the business, chances are that they wouldn’t succeed.

The Miracle named Technology: Entrepreneurs use technology to leverage their business needs. While using it overtly doesn’t impress them much, they are well versed with the rules of the game. Keeping up with technology to suit the business needs comes naturally to many entrepreneurs, and so does knowing well that a high-end website can end you up with a few hundred thousand rupees.

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