Entrepreneurial Commonalities – Three.

In the third post of the series, Entrepreneurial Commonalities we explore five new traits that are commonly found in all entrepreneurs. While running a business is considered as an innate quality across all the industries, it is important to note that there is no such thing as an “entrepreneurial gene”. Many studies on the born-or-made-entrepreneur-battle incline their conclusion on the latter, stating that the traits that make them successful can indeed be learnt and practiced.

Quitters in its next phase of writing, titled “Entrepreneurial Commonalities”, is committed to take its readers through the journey of learning and sharing, questioning and being counter-questioned, applying and becoming, realising and teaching the stages that make up any and every entrepreneur’s life. We have talked about 10 common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, covering five in each of Quitters’ previous post. The last post discussed the importance of self-promotion, the prioritising of work over everything else, the bottom line being “sales” and the necessity of technology to leverage business needs. Let us now talk about five more commonalities.

Your Business Has a Reputation To Keep At All Times: Entrepreneurs are conscious about the image of their business in the market. Always! In fact, they try their hardest, even make a conscious effort to project a positive professional image. While it is extremely difficult to project a certain image, what gets challenging is maintaining it and not letting it get affected.

Getting Known as an Expert: Who do you go to when suffering from a severe toothache, or when seeking a counselling session for further studies, or when superbly confused about the car/real estate choice/investment? The answer to all the above questions is common – an Expert. You go to the expert of the particular field. Entrepreneurs work to become known as experts, so that there are more individuals seeking their expertise and knowledge. When that happens, the people automatically know who to go to when faced with a challenge in their knowledge area.

They’re Truly Involved: You will see most of the entrepreneurs going out of their way to support something that they truly feel for. They feel the need to give back to the community and show genuine concern for charities and social causes. The corporate social responsibility, too, is seen as an opportunity to extend their support towards pertinent programs, with its execution starting as soon as the beginning of the financial year.

The God is in the Detail: Whatever the location, the workplace of an entrepreneur is always designed for success to ensure maximum productivity and employee performance. It’s tidy, organised, smell good and almost always buzzing with activity. Blame it on their penchant for an organised environment, with clearly defined spaces for one and all, some entrepreneurs are said to have one of the best offices in the world.

Delegating Work to Make Some Breathing Space: It’s quite common to see entrepreneurs donning multiple hats all at once and running from pillar to post to tackle every chore on their way, but the ability to multitask is seen taking a back seat at realising what’s in the best interest of their business. Although the stage comes later in their lives, they believe in taking up what’s in their best interest and delegate the remaining to their team.


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