Mr Prasanth Mohanchandran
Co-founder, AgencyDigi

Prasanth sells digital dreams and made people live them too. He gained prominence not only from the evangelism of self-proclaimed fans, but also by writing successful dreams for Nokia, eTrade, Unilever, IBM, Mentos, Cadbury among others. While most people are known for steering clear of anything below surface level, Prasanth balances the new world of digital with the old world of 30 seconds.

Circa 2000, after eight years in tech and learning that life is too easy as a CTO; Prasanth started out on his first dream with two friends and named it eDeltaC, which was sold to Ogilvy. And now preparations for the new Woodstock start up again with AgencyDigi where he with his merry men breathe ideas for the Digital World.

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