Conference Overview

Start small and think big

Small Business Congress 2013 will unlock greatest opportunities in today’s exciting small business environment as it opens new business avenues in products or services. The congress explores the environment for creating new business ideas, securing funding for growth, building teams, and concrete ideas to compete against giant businesses.

Reasons to participate at Small Business Congress

  1. Network: Interacting with industry’s leaders and grow your connections to create strong channel for the growth of your company.
  2. Exposure to your business: Using PR for small business effectively
  3. Opportunities: Forming strategic alliances to set up start-up business and finding angel investment and approaching with your business

Who should attend?

If you are an ‘action pro’ entrepreneur and aspire to nurture your fortitude for transforming your small business into big league, the Small Business Congress is designed for you. It’s a must-attend for:

  • Prospective, emerging and existing businesses
  • Enterprise looking at funding
  • Businesses looking at JVs, alliances and tie-ups
  • Enterprise professionals
  • Bankers and financial bodies looking at small business
  • Manufacturers
  • Students with Business Concepts/Ideas/ Studentpreneurs
  • E-Cells & Clubs.
  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Venture Capitalists & Angel investors
  • IT and ITES suppliers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Professional law firms

Key Take Aways

  • Identify a business opportunity or identify a feasible business idea.
  • New creativity techniques to extend and further a business idea.
  • Key skill sets for early-stage entrepreneurship.
  • Basic working models for customer, market and competitor analysis.
  • Establishing formats of execution, decision making and action oriented management in entrepreneurship and innovation processes.
  • The process of recruitment, team building and management in new ventures.
  • Creating an actionable business plan.
  • How to structure terms and conditions between entrepreneurs and external investors.
  • How to create and grow your “brand” for potential opportunities, and help you analyze what it takes to have a successful “brand”.
  • Exit possibilities in start-up companies.
  • Develop your business talents, capabilities, leadership, and skills as a business owner.

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