Our Speakers

Rupesh Jain

Founder & CEO, Candere


An engineer by profession, Rupesh Jain started Candere in September 2013. In the last 8 years as a CEO Rupesh has brought notable changes in the concept of online jewellery shopping, changing the age-old custom of leaning towards brick and mortar and family-run jewellery houses to an omnipresent shopping culture where there is not only scope for variety in designs but an enhanced user experience. Candere's mission statement 'We will always find a way to deliver happiness to our customers in the form of beautiful jewellery, no matter what the obstacle' reflects Rupesh's ideology behind Candere. With an eye for data, Rupesh vouches on AI-driven learning and believes it to be the future of e-commerce jewellery shopping. In his words, "Technology has the power to not only change the course and habits of how we think and behave but is an inevitable future for e-commerce in India as well as the globe. With the growing acceptance for online jewellery shopping, more and more people are shedding their inhibitions; this will soon translate into demand for higher standards in product design, user experience, the payment experience, digital marketing, content creation and the whole gamut that occupies the digital space."