Yuvraj Aman Singh: CEO & Founder, Rocking Deals
Yuvraj Aman Singh
CEO & Founder, Rocking Deals

Yuvraj Aman Singh has a degree in Business Information Systems and Management from Middlesex University, United Kingdom. He initially worked with his brothers-in-law in England for a year which helped him in streamlining operations for his e-commerce venture. Returned to India in 2003, where he took up a franchise of Tata Teleservices and currently working as Managing Director of Rocking Deals. He founded Rocking Deals in 2005 NOW Rocking Deals has grown into a 300 + employee strong organization under Singh's leadership.

Have come a long way- Since childhood, I wanted to do something out of the box coming from a service class background and limited resources it wasn't easy. Started with Old school businesses like distribution, direct sales, and retail. Not my cup of tea but what I did was record-breaking sold 4500 set-top boxes to end customers in 30 days when it cost 4500 Rupees Each. Did many such different projects bottom line it wasn't my line even though many such ideas are the backbone for many sales companies after 15 years. Hence started with a new concept of Refurbished Goods which I had seen in my years of education abroad. Anything First in Certified Refurbished was us for any brand to any portal. Many people tried to copy with billions of dollars but failed. The moral of the story is to stay ahead of the game and think out of the box- Tough thing is to try and fail - but never lose hope and give your 100%.

Franchise India Expo 2023
  • 15 | 16 JULY, 2023 Hall No. 5, Pragati Maidan
    New Delhi, India