Maxson Lewis: Managing Director & CEO, Magenta Mobility
Maxson Lewis
Managing Director & CEO, Magenta Mobility

Maxson is a heart-centered entrepreneur & a technology enthusiast with over 2 decades of professional experience that encompasses four areas - Automotive, Power Sector, Clean Energy Solutions, and Management Consulting. He co-founded Magenta, India's fully integrated electric mobility, EV charging, and technology platform that revolutionizes and aggregates the urban freight & last-mile delivery segment across the country with its stateof- the-art technology-enabled vehicles and Fast Charging capabilities. Magenta has won numerous awards and accolades and is recognized for its pioneering work in clean energy solutions.

At Magenta, Maxson leads the business strategy and day-to-day operations of Magenta's electric mobility management systems. Apart from focussing on the overall expansion of the business, he is also responsible for strategic partnerships and the advancing mobility electrification market development. Maxson has played an instrumental role in leading the company's growth and establishment as the preeminent electric mobility player in the industry.

Maxson's prior experience includes working with MNCs that includes; Accenture, Bosch, and Saint-Gobain with his more than 20 years of experience in Automotive and Power, Electric Vehicles were his destiny. He has also been a coach to start-ups and also an advisor to medium-size enterprises. A true Social activist in the areas of green energy and waste management he has also authored several published research papers and articles in leading business newspapers. A Mechanical Engineer and an MBA, he is an avid reader, super-biker, cyclist, off-roader, rollerblader, and big-time aficionado of music.

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