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Itís only when you quit something that slows you down. Will you start something that picks up pace.


An initiative by Franchise India
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An initiative by Franchise India

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An initiative by Franchise India

Why quit?

Quit to be your own boss, to know your value and earn your own worth.
Quit because it’s the first step to living your own dream, it isn’t any less important that your employer’s
Quit because self-reliance and freedom are much better than professional drudgery.
Most importantly, quit because we are here to help you realise the beauty of life after quitting.

Isn’t quitting a sign of weakness?

If sticking to a job that gives one only a fixed salary and not any satisfaction is bravery, then it probably is!
It takes great courage to break out of the mold and choose to not follow the herd. Only the bravest can chart their own paths.

Isn’t quitting often considered to be end of things?

Well, we disagree! Quitting is a start. It’s a start of your own dreams, your own business, your freedom and autonomy. It’s only when you quit something that slows you down will you start something that picks up pace.

What about my salary?

Think of it as a little time off work that will reap benefits many times the salary you could ever have bargained for.
When you hold the reins of your own business you are responsible for your success and achievements. Only you enjoy the benefits of every profit your startup incurs- however big or small -it’s a product of your efforts!

I have a family to support, what about my responsibilities?

There will always be responsibilities. And it is to better these very responsibilities that we ask you to take the chance with your dreams. A well- planned, thought-out and analyzed resignation process would prepare you well for the transition period between your day job and your dream job!
When you live your dream and see it soar with success you would not only be able to manage your responsibilities better, you’d be making your family a lot more proud of you too!

When is the best time to quit?

Any time is the best time to quit. The ideal time however would be the day you realize your life is meant for bigger better things than your measly day job!

But I have delayed it for so long, what’s the urgency now?

The urgency lies in the passing moments. Every minute you spend in an unsatisfactory job is a minute spent away from your dream and from your professional freedom. The sooner you realize the importance of your dreams, the more time you would be able to spend nurturing it and enjoying the perks of it. You would be dedicating the best years of your life to your own vision and not someone else’s’.

How do I quit?

You can quit in three easy steps:
1. Decide - This is the last day I spend working for another man’s dream
2. Write your resignation letter – It’s always nice to say goodbye
3. Quit.
For details refer to Quitting for dummies.

What after quitting?

Life after quitting is often viewed with apprehension and uncertainty. But it is to tackle the same uncertainty that we ask you to quit mediocrity and complacence.
Grass really is greener on the other side.
After quitting your regular day job, you will not only have the time and energy to pursue your personal goals, but with Franchise India by your side you will be able to see them turn into a reality.